18 January 2011

Plane Crazy

I don't do a lot of modeling, so when the budget couldn't pay for an airplane, I had to dig deep into my bag of tricks. This is a Cessna 180. The base mesh without the smooth is 1024 polygons. It's on smooth division 1 for this render. The texture is a headache- it's an mr layered shader with stuff on alpha channels and clamps on bump maps and all kinds of things. It's got a full interior with gauges. I rigged this model to fly in an aerial sequence. Specifically, I'm using Craft Animation Director Tools for Maya to animate this plane. I'm putting the rig on Creative Crash, the textures maybe not. Gotta work for something. It needs some UV/light linking modifications. The hard part is done; we'll see how it flies.


  1. The modeling is not to shabby. The lighting could use some work but I don't think you are done with it. Can't wait to see it fly!

  2. Yeah,there are quite a few lights in the scene- I'm using HDR image based lighting, but there are a couple of lights on the airplane itself that have linking issues I'm slowly working through. I've got some time to work that out in post, for now ANIMATION TIME