21 October 2009

Demo Reel

Needed a quick revision of my demo reel for the CTN Animation Expo in November. There is a speed recruiting event there, but you have to have your reel in before the 1 November. So, some pieces are in varying states of production. I really want a flying animal rig. Updated the website at the same time.

19 October 2009

Flour Sacks- Final

I might have spent 15-16 hours on this animation. Back in the day, it would have taken forever.
There are a couple of problems, but I may leave them to begin a new project.

18 October 2009

More Flour Sacks

I spent the evening doing this. May spend some time cleaning it up. May throw it away.

17 October 2009

Classic flour sac

I've been wanting to play with this rig for a while. Animated the body and feet, but I'm leaving the ears for last. I've done little hand drawn animations with a flour sac, but nothing in 3d. This rig is by a guy named Bill Ballout. I general, I'm pleased with how the flour sac moved; this is a great rig. However, he had some dynamics on it that drove me crazy. There was a jiggle on the body and a gravity effect on the ears. If you use this rig, just go into the hypergraph (connections) and delete that s***. Expressions and dynamics like that are fine for games, but they just screw up your senses if you're serious.

12 October 2009

Vilppu's Drawing Class Week 4

Vilppu was saying this week that no matter how you put the shapes together to make a form, what gives it realism is tonality. We looked at scores of drawings by Pontormo. He scanned some images into the computer and traced the shapes he used the show how the drawing was built. I like looking at drawings like that. It's like reading someone's thoughts momentarily. So I'm taking my spheres and boxes and learning how to more believably put them together. I got brave and broke out my markers for the figure. And I was pleased even though I had to work so fast it was hard to maintain even flow- and of course they aren't finished.

04 October 2009

Vilppu Week 3

So this is a ten minute drawing from Vilppu's life drawing class. He walks around and comments on our work as we draw (I should have signed up for the head drawing class). Anyway, he says from behind me that I moved the model- then comes out with this dry joke about how he's been watching the model and she hasn't moved. He asks if he can sit down, and then draws the torso from the pose on the corner of the page to show how he thought I moved the model in my drawing. I didn't think it was that extreme, but when I sat back down, I saw he was right.

Vilppu Week 2

Usually I draw in black, but I've been talked into another method (at least for now). The color isn't showing up as well, but you get the idea. Drawing women is harder (I think) than drawing men. Not sure why. These are from the second week. 5 minute drawings.