12 October 2009

Vilppu's Drawing Class Week 4

Vilppu was saying this week that no matter how you put the shapes together to make a form, what gives it realism is tonality. We looked at scores of drawings by Pontormo. He scanned some images into the computer and traced the shapes he used the show how the drawing was built. I like looking at drawings like that. It's like reading someone's thoughts momentarily. So I'm taking my spheres and boxes and learning how to more believably put them together. I got brave and broke out my markers for the figure. And I was pleased even though I had to work so fast it was hard to maintain even flow- and of course they aren't finished.

1 comment:

  1. wow. those classes have dramatically changed your figure drawing approach. i like the marker studies, they look almost digital. very solid. how long are you taking these classes?