06 August 2009

STP Prod at The Zoo

Met my new producers and post production supervisor at The Zoo FX this morning to check out their new project.
Any studio you go to will bring you a new experience (especially coming from Turner), but I think this one is going to be good for me, even if it is temporary.
This new project is a children's show, a mixture of live action and 3d cartoon. Green screen work, voice overs, modeling and rigging is already complete. Some of the test animation has been completed as well. I have some experience with compositing of this kind, so I feel confident that I'll be able to handle some of the more difficult scenes. The rigs look half-way decent. I'm pretty sure at this point I won't have to stop halfway through a scene and gut a rig. My first mission of course will be to tear open the script and search for all the business I'll need to plan my shots. The storyboard is kind of rough...oh well. Sometimes it's better that way. Gives you more room to make your own decisions.
And the best part... the people I'm working for are cool and easy going.
Got to get busy. My big computer is on the way, so I'll finally be ble to convert this blog back to the original format - less of my blah blah blah and more pictures/video. Cheers.