08 August 2012

The Third Reel

Totally in After Effects

Such a pain keeping up with reels.  This is my current (kind of- within the year) TV reel... not to be confused with my animation reel or effects reel.  They're being updated next.  Then there's the website...

29 July 2012

PC Break

Thought I would save some money and buy the house marker instead of what I normally get.  Big mistake.  So much alcohol and pigment that I could literally push it on the paper several washes later.  When I finally determine how to get the pigment off the paper, I'll be able to finish the gradient for the sky.

28 July 2012

What dreams are made of...

 Miss drawing with markers- makes you realize what a crutch ctrl+z is or how unforgiving poor decisions are on paper.  Haha.

04 June 2012

Survival Mode

Hanging out doing some camera work and editing work for a new show.  From left to right:  Mykel Hawke (Man Woman Wild), Colby Donaldson (Top Shot), Nellie Gonzalez (my producer) and Chris Grundy (DIY).

16 April 2012

33rd Annual Telly Awards

The news show I've been producing and directing, Dia Delivery, won a Telly Award! I'm lucky- I've got a really talented young cast, and their show has only been on the air a few months.

12 April 2012

Hanging out with Al Reinert

Got to hang out with Academy Award Winning screenwriter Al Reinert at the studio.  He's worked with Ron Howard and Tom Hanks, among other people (maybe you've seen Apollo 13).  He gave a very enlightening interview- how he got his start, some of the projects and jobs he's worked, and his plans for the future.  So lucky to get to learn from the masters, what an exciting time to be in the industry.

18 January 2012

Still in the fast lane...

I really enjoy having the chance to challenge myself, getting the opportunity to really get into a project.  I think being trusted with difficulties is the best part.  And that's why I keep working so hard.