21 May 2013

The Crossroads...

It's been a crazy couple of years here in Texas.  Been on the set of the Miss Universe Pageant, The Celebrity Apprentice, met amazing people, ridden in a private jet to New York City, seen incredible things, heard fantastic stories and there's more to come.  Probably the best thing about it is I've had the opportunity to work on yet another amazing project.
Lately I've really been missing animation.  I've been think a lot of the short I started and never completed.  The prospect of having to decide what direction I wanted my career to take saddened me until I realized how much more I recognize in people as characters with stories since I really began editing and compositing full time.  I've got a library of character reference, reactions and expressions, people behaving for all situations, stories you can't make up.  I've experienced things I've never would have thought of moving controllers on a rig to the rhythms of the timeline.  In a way, I have a fresh perspective and sometimes that's all you need to take things to the next level.
Having said that...
I'm ready to start working on some new things again and finally animate my short- "The Squeakeasy."
Meanwhile, when I'm not serious, here's something I'm developing.