03 December 2016

Out to Live

Some recent photography I took on a trip to the Ozarks.
Equipment: Canon 7D Mark II f1.4 50mm

02 November 2016

My Preditor Vlog

Most people you talk to have no idea what a producer-editor in television really does.  Any creative art career is generally glamorized and looked at as "easy" work.  It's long days and deadlines that brings handfuls of gray hair- and I love it!  I started making videos to show family what goes on, to answer questions and generally get better at camera placement and directing my own visual story telling.  Everything is shot on my phone or my GoPro.  No special plugins, no filters, just story and camera.  I hate being on camera, so don't judge!
Take a look and see what you think...

01 November 2016

Operation Appreciation: Earl Lundy

After a devastating attack on his unit in Iraq, Earl Lundy was told he'd never walk again. He is a super human, defeating all odds.  It was a pleasure and a blessing meeting Earl!

19 October 2016

Operation Appreciation: John Boerstler

John Boerstler never gives up and works every day to make Houston a better community for Veterans and their families.

18 October 2016

14th Annual Lone Star Emmy Awards

 This year, I received two Lone Star Emmy nominations.  Our Hurricane special, Hurricane Heroes, won for Weather Special.  The Space Center Houston special, Independence Plaza: Innovation At Work and our Cadillac Shaping Houston: Anat Ronen were also nominees.
 I went to the ceremony with other people from work- Beth Winfrey (also nominated) who was our commercial producer, Bobby Rigg, our Creative Services manager and his wife.
This is the gentleman who beat our special Independence Plaza: Innovation At Work.  His documentary of remembering Vietnam deserved to win.  He wore his blues to show respect to all those who got none (respect).  He got a standing ovation.

What a great experience and incredible way to build excitement for next year!  Cheers!

03 September 2016

Operation Appreciation, Holly and T'Liza

When she first sat down with us,T'Liza was working for a nonprofit called Give An Hour.  Give An Hour is a free mental health service provider to military personnel, veterans, and their families.
Holly Horan is a Marine Veteran who never gives up on herself.  She continues to serve the community by helping Veterans with their transition into civilian life.
Everyone joins the military for a different reason.  Some are legacies, some of us do it to survive, to go to school, but we all go to serve- ourselves and others.

18 July 2016

100 Years of Yellowstone National Park

Some photography of mine from Yellowstone.  Thank you for looking, it is one of my favorite trips.  Equipment: Canon 7D MkII.  


27 June 2016

Operation Appreciation

I'm honored to produce these vignettes in honor of our Veterans.  I designed this campaign from scratch and actually went out on the shoots and asked the hard questions for the first time in my career.  Work was completed in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.  Camera work by Ben Hallock.  Audio John Lantz.  Bryan's story is first in a series of six.

Hurricanes: Prepare, Know, Survive

Hurricanes in Houston are a theme every summer and it is my pleasure to work with the crew and the KHOU Weather team to create another hurricane special for the season.  In addition to the editing of the show and all that come with that, I also prepared the 3d animation in the show using Cinema 4d and Autodesk Maya 2015.

30 March 2016

Celebrating 100 Years with the American Red Cross Gulf Coast Chapter

Honored to present the stories of those touched by the Red Cross everyday.