19 March 2010

Aunt Stephanie

My family makes calendars every year so we can remember birthdays and stuff like that. Somehow this picture of my aunt circulated around the family, and ended up in this year's calendar. I almost died when I saw it. I'm sure we were never meant to see it. Anyway, decided to caricature it.

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  1. Hi. Sorry that I missed your e-mails on Maya and referencing animation. My experiences with it has been poor, so I wouldn't have been much help, though some love it. I well, but busy with my own work and find myself working on digital paintings more and more, though I ready to break out of my style and create a new direction for my paintings. They are getting kind of boring and easy to create. So, some new ones soon.

    Oh, love this painting, though it is very distributing in a good way. LOL. Really, for some reason it reminds me of my Mother, though that is another story. I hope you are well and keep up the good work and if it is just another walk cycle. Push and create good stuff.