10 December 2010

When good cards go bad

The story is the jacks take the queens away, and this is a moment in the battle when one King loses his Queen, and the other saves his. It's rather oddly shaped, so I cut it in half to see the parts better. I overplayed the curves, but tried to maintain the "playing card" emphasis in shape, design and color. Interaction between all six cards was key, and drove most of my decisions. Just ignore the feet on the King of Spades...


  1. As far as your images are concerned, I really, REALLY like the concept (rather like the gradient in the background, as well). Now for the critique:

    I don't like the inconsistency of some cards having legs (the King of Spades) and others having (visually) no legs or no "card bottom", like the Jack of Clubs (it also took me a while to figure out that the Jack has been sliced up from the bottom. I first read it as, in addition to having no lower body, his coat tails simply separating. Perhaps it might be better to simply gore him...). The Queen on the top at first looks likes she's just a head and arms. Took me a while to see the "cape-like" card part. Perhaps this element could whip in the other direction, doing a similar thing, but in mirror image, as the King next to her???

    I might also simplify the motif on the back of the cards. Turn the crown on the diamond King around a quarter turn so that one of the points is in the mid-line of his face and all the other points are WELL DISCERNIBLE!

    Also don't like the ermine treatment. Not in keeping with the style of the rest of the piece. Do it solid, vector.