15 November 2018

A Common Thread

I really enjoyed working on this project and the people involved.  Take a look at the show by clicking the link below:

23 May 2018

Station Break

Work life after the destruction brought to us after Hurricane Harvey has been tough.  We lost our building, personal property, physical assets, but not our spirit. 

25 February 2017

New Inspiration

 Stuff like this reminds you things can be so simple.

09 February 2017

My Second Service

Doing a little bit of volunteer work for the Women Veterans in Houston.  If you are just getting out, or are a Veteran new to the area, stop by Combined Arms.
To help with an advertising campaign on social media, I produced 2 spots for them.  Ben Hallock, an amazing friend, ran the camera and set.  It turned out great!

The shorter version is my personal favorite.  Thanks to Renelle Roberts for the beautiful voice work!

03 December 2016

Out to Live

Some recent photography I took on a trip to the Ozarks.
Equipment: Canon 7D Mark II f1.4 50mm

02 November 2016

My Preditor Vlog

Most people you talk to have no idea what a producer-editor in television really does.  Any creative art career is generally glamorized and looked at as "easy" work.  It's long days and deadlines that brings handfuls of gray hair- and I love it!  I started making videos to show family what goes on, to answer questions and generally get better at camera placement and directing my own visual story telling.  Everything is shot on my phone or my GoPro.  No special plugins, no filters, just story and camera.  I hate being on camera, so don't judge!
Take a look and see what you think...

01 November 2016

Operation Appreciation: Earl Lundy

After a devastating attack on his unit in Iraq, Earl Lundy was told he'd never walk again. He is a super human, defeating all odds.  It was a pleasure and a blessing meeting Earl!